Chalo movie review and rating.

Review: Chalo

Starring : Naga shourya, Rashmika mandanna, Naresh, Venella kishore, Viva harsha etc..

Director : Venky Kudumula

Production : Usha Mulpuri( IRA )

Music Director : Mahati Swara Sagar.

Story (spoiler free):-

Hari (Naga Shaurya)’s fascination is fights and disputes. He is always involved in one or the other fight just for the sake of it. In an interesting scenario, Hari is sent to a village called Tiruppuram where Telugu people, headed by Keshava (Achyuth Kumar) and Tamil people, led by Veera Muththu (Mime Gopi) fight with each other. Hari initially shows interest in the fights, but later he falls for Muththu’s daughter Karthika (Rashmika Mandanna). Hari, then realizes that his marriage with Karthika will land in an obstacle and decides to know about the fight that happened between the two groups. What happens then? Forms the story of the movie.

The story’s span is very less, but the core point of the movie is impressive. The way the director executed the story is remarkable. The characterizations given to every character is impressive. A lot of fun was generated in the campus scenes. The entertainment part is perfect for the film. The love track is also right. The chemistry between Shaurya and Rashmika worked bug time. There is not much that happens in the first half of the movie, but the songs and the comedy engage the audiences with the film’s flow. The second offers a bit of disappointment the director cleverly impressed with the climax. The way the main story was dealt is excellent, and the debut director is appreciable. On the whole, the film has got the right quantity of entertainment which is enough for performing well in the theatres.

Mana Reporter Rating: 2/5


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