Idi Naa Love Story movie review and rating.



Review: Idi Naa Love Story.

Starring : Tarun, Oviya.

Director : Ramesh Gopi.
Production : Ram Entertainments.
Music Director : Srinath Vijay.
Story (spoiler free):-

Abhiram (Tarun) is an ad filmmaker and his sister sets him on a trip to Araku Valley with an expectation of hooking him up with her fiance’s sister Sruthi. She lives in Araku Valley and Abhi comes there with her sister’s words. He meets Abhinaya (Oviya) and he falls for her as they share their past love stories with each other when they both are together. They are happy in love but the expectations of Abhiram on his girlfriend are not met by her, he disappoints. What happens next is crux of the story.


Idhi naa love story is said to be a come-back film for lover boy Tarun on this Valentines day. This is a movie with a story about the meet of two people who has past relationships with heartbreaks and how the two become one as soulmates. When looked at the story in a single line or as synopsis it looks interesting but the screenplay the writers of the movie has written is very bad and it doesn’t entertain anyone except for the makers and may be even not them also. We generally have one-liners and punch dialogues to generate comedy or an emotion in our movies but they are written according to the situation and requirement. The punch dialogues in this movie go overboard and does not serve any purpose other than irritating audience with their rhyming phrases. Director Ramesh Gopi has done a very bad work in directing this movie although it’s a remake. He underestimated the audience IQ levels and injected whatever he find entertaining in his sense which resulted in boredom. No single technical department is used to the fullest and a very bad script in the first place spoil them if any. We can see audience leaving the theatre even in the first half because of the uninspiring content it delivers. To sum up, Idhi Naa Love Story is another big disappointment for Tarun.

Mana Reporter Rating: 1.5/5


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