Intelligent movie review and rating.

Review: Intelligent

Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripathi.

Director : VV Vinayak.

Production : CK Entertainments.

Music Director : S Thaman.

Story (spoiler free):-

Teju(Sai Dharam Tej) works in a software company owned by Nanda Kishore. Nanda Kishore commits suicide all of a sudden. Vicky Bhai takes charge of Nanda Kishore’s company forcibly. Teju turns as Dharma Bhai to defeat the criminals. Rest of the movie is to be watched in the theaters only.


The film Inttelligent is a very much routine movie with same old narrative methods. It can be easily assumed as one of the weakest works by director VV Vinayak as well as Sai Dharam Tej. Neither first half nor the second half of the movie is impressive. It was assumed that Sai Dharam Tej would have learned something from his past mistakes. But, no. Sai Dharam Tej need to introspect his choice of movies. Even though his hard work is visible on the screen, story selection needs a special focus. Don’t know why VV Vinayak selected this movie after blockbuster movie like Khaidi No 150. Dragged screenplay and a routine story is a deadly combination which will never keep the audience connected to the movie’s narration. Skip it.
Mana Reporter Rating: 2/5


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