Juvva movie review and rating.

Review: Juvva

Starring : Ranjith, Palak Lalwani, Ali, Saptagiri

Director : Trikoti

Production : Dr. Bharrath Som

Music Director : MM Keeravani

Story (spoiler free):-

Basavaraj Patil (Arjun) is attracted to Shruthi (Palak Lalwaani) in their school days. The principal of the school warns Basavaraj Patil on that and he kills the principal. He gets sentenced for 14 years for murdering principal and he vows to come out for Shruthi. Affected by this, Shruthi’s family moves to Hyderabad and she even gets her name changed as Aadhya. Raana (Ranjith) sees her and falls for her at the very first sight in love and he tries in various ways to get close with her. He comes to know about Basavaraj Patil as he gets released after the sentence and how he solve the problem of Sruthi with Basavaraj Patil forms the rest of the story.


Juvva is all about a lover saving his girl from the obsessive or psychotic guy who is in that obsession from the childhood itself. The first half is filled with some comedy scenes and lead pair’s love story and second half is filled with hero saving heroine type screenplay and it is dragged to the extent that audience can predict the next happening. Director Trikoti Peta, has chosen a routine script for his second directorial and he failed to get it right. He could have worked more on script before starting shoot. With the routine script in hand, he failed to make it on screen convincingly. This is the time where audience are rejecting routine and formulaic movies outrightly and it’s better to take a break rather than making lame movies which even fail to get noticed. Having a technician like MM Keeravani, won’t help in making movie successful, when the content we are making is not as good as the technician. To sum up, Juvva is a big disappointment for the makers, hero Ranjith and director Trikoti Peta who pinned a very high hope on this movie.

Mana Reporter Rating: 2.5/5


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