No producers are coming forward for varun tej’s film.

The person who comes in our mind we hear Mega prince is none other than Varun tej. As he had came from the support of mega family as he is the son of Naga babu b/o MEGA STAR CHIRANJEEVI. Though he had huge support from family from the starting of his carrier he never tasted the sweetness of success, but after the immense waiting of success he had tasted it with film titled FIDDA directed by shekar kamula and hope his success track continues with his upcoming film TOLI PREMA.

Besides these we all know that Sankalp reddy is the young and talented director who had proved himself with a conceptual film titled Ghazi which has got bunch of appraisals from audience and all other from film industry.

Now the buzz is that sankalp reddy has narrated a concept oriented film to varun tej which is relevant to space which ressembles like jayam ravi’s Tik Tik Tik movie. And varun quite impressed with script and gave green signal to make this film.

But the serious problem arising is that the budget of this film is nearly upto 25 cr but till now except the Fidda movie ,no movies of varun tej had collected 50cr and upto the mark so no producer had came forward to make this film….

We cant know what happens at any moment so lets hope this projct will soon go onto the sets and make varun to continue his successful carrier forward.


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