Vunnadi okate zindagi review & rating

Director : Kishore Tirumala

Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore

Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad

Starring : Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran, Lavanya Tripathi



Abhi (Ram) is a rich kid owns a coffee shop in Italy. Vasu and Abhi are school friends. Later, Abhi falls in love with Maha (Anupama). Ram (Abhiram) moves back to India to patch up with his childhood friend Vasu (Sree Vishnu) who is affected in his life. Maggie(Lavanya Tripathi ) enters into the life of Abhi (Ram) and his friends. Who is Maggie? Whom will he marry ?  How do a series of unforeseen incidents affect the lives of the important characters is what the rest of the film is about.


Ram and Sree Vishnu are good in their respective parts. Pellichoopulu fame Priyadarshi is terrific and so is Anupama, especially in the pre-interval stretch. While Vunnadih Okate Zindagi isn’t a bad film and it ensures you walk out with a smile on your face, it’s disappointing that it doesn’t show creativity in the way it depicts friendship. Kishore Tirumala does justice with his screenplay and dialogues but it’s quite evident that he struggles to create anything novel worthy of appreciation. Some fine moments in Vunnadih Okate Zindagi aren’t good enough to make this film stand out in the league of films about friendship and love.  The newbie who is seen as Lavanya’s sidekick has the potential to go a long way.  Raj Madiraju as Anupama’s father is good.  Others fit the bill.

The movie is an emotional story which highlights the value of friendship. And tries to show an interesting concept that life is very simple, but we complicate it. However, the movie is with slow narration. A well-designed story run and a feel-good music gives the best feel of emotions. Devi Sri Prasad’s songs gel well with the narration.  Even that one forced song is good to listen.  Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is excellent, especially the Vizag block.  Sreekar Prasad’s cuts are sensible.


ManaReporter Rating: 3/5

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